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Patsy’s Pin-Ups in proper Reasolution!

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Check out the Patsy’s Girls in high resolution at pin-up photographer Miss Charlie’s brand new site!

Back in February Miss Charlie and Tragedy teamed up With Cassy and all of the other Patsy’s hotties to make some real steamy photos.

While your at it get an eye full of the rest of Miss Charlie’s work! – gallery with the Patsy’s Girls – Miss Charlie’s new site

Patsy's Pin-Up's Photo by Miss Charlie

Miss Charlie's Patsy's Pin-Ups


Lazy Summer Day

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As the heat begins to fade and the light wanes here in the end of August the Patsy’s community slows down to enjoy the remains of summer.









Morning time at Patsy’s

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It’s a dreary dark morning in Albany and that’s par for course this summer. The nice thing about the dark weather is how the neon and other colors at Pasty’s Executive Cutters seem to pop.

We’ve got the owner of Franklin’s Tower Pub in the chair with Tragedy who refers to himself as a “corporate deadhead”. The corporate part seems to come on with the years. Frankly I would love to go corporate; any soulless engines of capitalism out there want me? I am so looking to get paid finally!

Watch your lunch around Tragedy! Below he is trying to steal the hamburger from an innocent customer.











Marylyn at Patsy’s

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You’ve seen Marylyn cutting Mike Valente’s hair on the masthead, but here we see her giving the works to one of the ladies.

I know we often show a bunch of macho men at Patsy’s; in reality there are also a lot of women getting their hair cut  and taken care of at Patsy’s.

What can I say; 51% of the population can’t be wrong!






Patsy’s Front Porch Celebrity Watch

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A couple of busted up chairs and a table have never been so popular as the ones in front of Patsy’s Executive Cutters.

Everyone seems to stop by and fill the seat through out the day here in downtown Albany.

Today was in the 90’s and the chairs were filling up as fast as they emptied.

You can see the heat reflecting up into Officer Phillips face as she writes a ticket for some unfortunate driver.

Move that car every two hours or she is going to get you!

It’s a great place to catch up on local gossip or catch a few rays. There are also all of the celebrities…

Here we have Kim 1313 from Suzy and the Surftones fame sitting with the ever handsome Jimmy Loveless; it doesn’t get much more cool than that.

BUT WAIT IT DOES… Here’s Tragedy with one of Patsy’s more discriminating customers;

State Senator Roy McDonald of the 43rd District of New York.

Shouldn’t you be getting your hair cut and straight razor shaves where the venerable senator chooses to go?








Parade Day Morning – “St. Patrick’s Day”

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Saturday was Parade Day in Albany and Tragedy was out hocking shirts for his “Tragic Apparel”  line.

We start at  Jillian’s where they had a sweet looking breakfast buffet going on and this absolutely amazing band who may be called Porcelain Road?

Can somebody tell me the right name for this band?

Finally we end up at Bayou where I met a bouncer who knew me back in the old “Sex Punks” clique from the bad old days.

Note one of Patsy’s Pin-Ups (Marylyn – second to last photo) is now working nights Th, Fri, and Sat. I may have known Tragedy for over a quarter of a century

but I may just have to switch who cuts my hair!!!

We finish with the world’s best breed of dogs – the Boston Terrier! (I own two)



Typical day at Patsy’s

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Jimmy puts the finishing touches on a perfect Patsy’s quality haircut with the straight razor.