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Time for Just a Straight Razor Shave

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Treat yourself right and stop in for a shave! You don’t have to get your hair cut to have the world’s best shave.

Heck, stop on by and just say hello. Folks pass through Patsy’s Executive Cutters to socialize everyday.

Here we have Kim 1313 doing her makeup in one of those awesome vintage mirrors.

Be sure to go down the street to Miranda’s Deli and have one of those mouth watering subs that Tragedy is enjoying while you are in the area.

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Joe Seminary and His Food Truck

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I’m sitting around chewing the fat with Tragedy when up pulls this big silver truck and Damon the shop kid charges by me with a wad of bills in his fist.

It’s Joe Seminary and his food truck! By the reaction of the shop his stuff is good; unfortunately I had just eaten an entire “Italian Stallion” from Miranda’s Deli.

Joe came prepared and had tons of iced drinks to help me recover from my huge meal. An IBC Root-beer and I was feeling like a million Bucks!

Thanks Joe; just what I needed!



Patsy’s Front Porch Celebrity Watch

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A couple of busted up chairs and a table have never been so popular as the ones in front of Patsy’s Executive Cutters.

Everyone seems to stop by and fill the seat through out the day here in downtown Albany.

Today was in the 90’s and the chairs were filling up as fast as they emptied.

You can see the heat reflecting up into Officer Phillips face as she writes a ticket for some unfortunate driver.

Move that car every two hours or she is going to get you!

It’s a great place to catch up on local gossip or catch a few rays. There are also all of the celebrities…

Here we have Kim 1313 from Suzy and the Surftones fame sitting with the ever handsome Jimmy Loveless; it doesn’t get much more cool than that.

BUT WAIT IT DOES… Here’s Tragedy with one of Patsy’s more discriminating customers;

State Senator Roy McDonald of the 43rd District of New York.

Shouldn’t you be getting your hair cut and straight razor shaves where the venerable senator chooses to go?








Summer Time – Get Your Shave On!!!

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It’s summer time at Patsy’s Executive Cutters; the front porch chairs are filling with locals stopping by for a trim and a shave.

Marilyn who you may remember from the St. Patrick’s Day post is now cutting hair. Here we have her paired with “handsome” Mike Valente

in the chair. Be sure to check out Marilyn in the Patsy’s Pin-Up’s post; trust me just do it!

Everywhere I turn there’s Mike! He even shows up all over my blog.

If the guy in Matt’s chair may look familiar; strangely he was in Matt’s chair last time I photographed Matt.

Once you go Patsy’s you’ll never go back!

We also took a detour to a screen printing shop with an awesome dog who thought my camera was very bad and wigged out as I brought it up to my face.

The moment I put my camera down the dog was as happy as could be.








Matt C. Gives “The Works”

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Here’s Matt C. the barber giving the kind of treatment that Patsy’s prides itself on.

If you have never had a real hot towel after getting a straight razor touch-up then you haven’t lived!