Who is Tragedy?

Patsy’s Executive Cutters is a vintage barber shop located at Three Howard Street, Albany, NY.

Tragedy  is a licensed barber and owner of Patsy’s which has been a working barber shop since 1930.

Patsy’s serves not only as a barbershop but as a social hub for many residents of Albany and Troy as well as a creative

space for many local artists and musicians.


Here’s Tragedy’s own description…

About me:
Within 4 blocks of the capitol you can step back into an era where men were men and demanded nothing but the best. The time was 1930, 90 State ST. was built and gave birth to Patsy’s Barbershop. It brought class, and modern style to the men of Albany. Men came not just for their hair cuts, but for the Patsy’s atmosphere. The African ribbon mahogany paneling, cut glass mirrors, white marble stations with rose marble trim, brass fixtures, a waiting area with 8 comfortable chairs, and a prime location. Located at the very heart of Albany, Patsy’s would prove to be the busiest shop for miles, AND for decades to come. Although we are Albany’s oldest barbershop, we’ve added a modern twist. We offer wireless internet and have a 40 inch flat screen TV. We are also in fact, a full service salon. You may not want to leave after your cut. We cater to mostly a male clientele and can offer a quick pre work, or lunch time cut, keeping it “walk in only” from 10-5pm. You never have to worry about making an appointment. But for men who like to plan ahead, appointments are available Monday through Saturday. Now, If you just can’t pull yourself away from the office or hotel, we’ll come to you. So come see us at PATSY’S and experience what we like to call… Capone meets the Jettsons.
Who I’d like to meet:
all up and coming barbers. customers that wanna old school shop but still be able to surf the web wifi. And i need a shop boy.



One Response to “Who is Tragedy?”

  1. Will & Krewe,
    Promised a yelp big-up out to y’all when i came in after my first cut in early March…came back for a second round yesterday, and got that review up first thing this morning.
    Sincerest thanks with an acknowledgement for the warm welcome you’ve all extended a new client, as well as respectful nod to the skill y’all exhibit in the execution of your craft.
    Laisse les bon temps roule!
    Mr. For-Real, Strictly District Todd Nice

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