Parade Day Morning – “St. Patrick’s Day”

Saturday was Parade Day in Albany and Tragedy was out hocking shirts for his “Tragic Apparel”  line.

We start at  Jillian’s where they had a sweet looking breakfast buffet going on and this absolutely amazing band who may be called Porcelain Road?

Can somebody tell me the right name for this band?

Finally we end up at Bayou where I met a bouncer who knew me back in the old “Sex Punks” clique from the bad old days.

Note one of Patsy’s Pin-Ups (Marylyn – second to last photo) is now working nights Th, Fri, and Sat. I may have known Tragedy for over a quarter of a century

but I may just have to switch who cuts my hair!!!

We finish with the world’s best breed of dogs – the Boston Terrier! (I own two)




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